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desktop photoGDS is a woman owned small business.  We’re a national provider of products and services for both the electrical and telecommunications industry, but there’s a lot more to us than that. In fact, we go beyond what you expect in every way imaginable. If you’re used to putting up with lousy customer service, broken promises and missed deadlines, you’re going to love the difference you’ll experience working with us. Our mission is not just to sell materials; it’s to provide our customers with solutions. Sure, we’ve got a vast inventory on hand, but what sets us apart is our focus on creating real solutions for our customers at every turn. We understand the insane pace of the industry, and know how demanding it is to stay ahead of the game. That’s why our objective is to get to know your business so well that we can anticipate your needs and be prepared to meet those needs before they become a crisis.

We’re committed to solving your problems 24/7, and will do whatever it takes to make things happen. So even if everyone else tells you that what you need can’t be done, call us. You’ll be surprised by what we can do.
We serve a variety of different niches within the electrical industry. Our customer base is made up of clients in the following categories:

  • Utilities
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Distributors
  • End-users/Consumers
  • Schools and Universities
  • State and Local Government
  • Telecommunications