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At GDS, we only sell products that we know inside and out. And we’re happy to share our knowledge with you. We can arrange product demonstrations as well as train your field personnel on product application and installation. We’ve got much more to offer than just materials. Following are some of the services we offer our customers:

Integrated Supply
Many of our competitors place all of their emphasis on price. But if low prices aren’t part of an overall package of services designed to improve efficiency, a seemingly bargain price on materials can turn out to be a huge waste of money.

That’s why we offer our Integrated Supply solutions. We work in partnership with you to create an alliance program perfectly suited to your specific requirements. We look at the total cost of ownership of all the elements in the supply chain. From manufacturing processes, transportation, and warehousing all the way to the ultimate installation. By analyzing the entire supply chain and identifying all the costs involved, we can create solutions that yield greater total cost savings and a lower total installed cost.

If you have significant ongoing product requirements, it will be well worth your while to consider forming an Integrated Supply Alliance with us.

Product & Job Kitting
We’re all about making your operations as simple and cost-efficient as possible. That’s why we offer customized product and job kitting. We can combine multiple product parts into a custom kit so that installation crews have an entire product in one package, and not just a bunch of random components. We can also kit a complete bill of material for any size job.
To find out more about how these value-added services can save your company time and money, talk to a GDS representative.

Cable Cutting
There are many job sites, especially in large metropolitan areas, where it’s just not possible to make field cuts, much less get a 4000 foot reel of cable up to the twentieth floor of a building. That’s why we offer custom cable cuts on all of our wire and cable.